We partner with world leading Cloud infrastructure providers such as Google Cloud and Amazon AWS to ensures that your data always accessible and safe. We also provide highly secure solutions with VPN only access and dedicated hardware.

We also integrate other technologies in the workplace such as Office 365 and GSuite to ensure you stay on top of your game.

Industry 4.0

We have developed software packages to speed up your Industry 4.0 integration. We provide a complete solution from technological audit to the enhancement, development and integration of complete solution to meet your requirements.
IoT & Tailored Applications

We have evelopped an expertise in linking your devices to cloud Services to ensure full control from anywhere at anytime. Your business and your clients will benefits from instant access, reports and control of their onsite devices and improve profitability by reducing time and steps to access the crutial informaiton for day to day operation.
Cloud Intergation and Private Cloud Node

Based on our Generic Platforms, we are able to customize and tailor solutions for your business. All software packages will be Cloud hosting to maximize accessibility, redudancy and safety.

Our private cloud node service may include the following services according to your requirements:
  • Firewall & Network Security.
  • Website CMS and content integration.
  • Office 365, Gsuite
  • Mobile BYOD