Open Source Project


We were looking at a way to build an cluster test environment for a reasonable price. Since we are a startup, funds can only be stretched so far. So, we came up with the idea of creating a Raspberry Pi Blade Center that would fit in our racks.

We spent a few hours... maybe days... on SketchUp... no one really kept track of it, we did it between lines of codes in 3D Printing ERP.
So we're here, and the results are functional. We have been using our first Blade Center for a few weeks now and it's working fine!


Material Required:

  • 3D Printer (Yeah...)
  • 19 in, 1/4in screws. Available at your local hardware store
  • 4x 1/4in nuts
  • A bunch of Raspberry Pi (Depending on the size of your Blade Center or ambitions!)
  • A bunch of Micro USB Cables (to go with your bunch of Raspberry Pi)
  • About 40+ hours of 3D Printing Fun!


We were able to fit 14 blades in our standard rack. You may want to double check the size of your rack. You will need to print the file Raspberrypi_blade_center_G_wire_clamp-fix.stl the required amount of times to build the enclosure. Each enclosure requires a cart. The cart file is Raspberrypi_cart_G-fix.stl In order to mount the blade center on to the rack, you will need to print brackets. The file is Raspberrypi_blade_center_mount_C-fix.stl. There's also a version with smaller arms called: Raspberrypi_blade_center_mount_B-fix.stl


Print Ready STL Files: Source files in Sketchup: