We create, develop and publish Cloud Applications. You will find several of our creations around the Apple App Store, Android's Google Play and BlackBerry World. Most of our applications are cross platform compatible and also provide a web interface to let you easily access them from your Mac or PC wherever you are.

We take pride in creating intuitive applications that integrates easily in your daily routine.


Provides easy integration of permission forms with electronic signatures for your organization. aivers and permission form solutions for Activity Centers, Sports Events, Schools (K-12), Ski Schools, Resorts and more!


Search The News

Our news search engine! Stopping fake news by indexing content for reliable sources.
Before accepting a news feed, our team makes sure the publisher is valid and a trusted news source which greatly contributes to reducing the amount of fake news. We alsoe created the consensus wheel teeling your if what you are about to read has negative or positive content.


3D Printing ERP

Derived from Beyond Workplace, 3D Printing ERP brings the main components of ERP and the production management requirements of 3D Printing together into one unique platform.
We go further by being the first ones to introduce Part Genetic Certification, Asset Maintenance & Easily Customizable Pricing for Quoting.



Sports Operations - Risk Management - Collaboration.
We have created the most innovative and powerful way to manage, optimize and dispatch operations as well as tracking all the risks involved.


Beyond Workplace
Your business keeps going, wherever you are.

BeyondWorkplace brings to the SMB of the Service Industry the capabilities of an ERP based on a needs on a service company.

We focus on the tracking & archiving of information such as: documents, emails, calendars, scans & more. We then bring and link this information to the core of your day to day business process.

The result is a powerful complete application that follows you from the 1st Opportunity to the Invoice and keeps the record of everything that has happened in between.

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